Property UX (PUX) develops self-service technology to help property stakeholders get things done better and for lower cost. We work with strata, property and facilities management service providers to increase service quality, reduce cost to serve and create new value for key property stakeholders. 

Property services delivery will be transformed by intelligent automated assistant technology accessible via messaging or chat applications (also known as 'chat-bots'). A chat-bot is a service, powered by rules and sometimes artificial intelligence, that users interact with via a chat interface.

Many high volume, low value service interactions are better delivered by always-on chat bots which become more capable with access to property meta-data and content, other property stakeholders, and back-office applications.

Property chat-bots will enable property residents and other key property stakeholders to more easily get things done, make better decisions, and empower strata, property and facilities managers to focus higher value customer interactions.

Property UX operate, a platform for strata resident information and self-service and, a communications and automated concierge platform for larger strata properties.

PUX is based in Richmond, Melbourne.